Friday Night Lights is the American Downton Abbey

Sass and I discovered this incredibly true statement recently.  FNL is the American Downton Abbey. IT TOTALLY IS.  Both plots are based essentially around keeping an empire from falling apart.  On Downton, it’s maintaining the Abbey and the Grantham fortune.  On FNL, it’s maintaining the Panthers/Lions.  But let’s look at a breakdown of characters, because [...]

You’re My Friend, Right?

At any point from about 1989 to this moment, if you would have asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you: “I want to be a writer.” Not even an author.  I didn’t even want to be published.  Just wanted to sit in a room with a [...]

Your Art is Bad, My Art is Good

In the church today, there seems to be a resurgence of the “artist.”  Congregations are more accepting of “creative” types: there are new positions popping up on church staffs for worship arts architects and environmental designers, video and creative media have more of a comfortable home in worship services, and the church drama team is [...]

Dear Alice Holland

Dear Alice Holland, Today is your second birthday. It’s really cliche to talk about how amazing it is that two years have already passed since you got here, how time flies, etc.  But, as Chuck Klosterman (someone who is probably irrelevant by the time you’re reading this) says: “Important things are inevitably cliche, but no [...]

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, One of my favorite writers once said, “Important things are inevitably cliche, but no one wants to admit that.”  What I’m about to write will probably be really cliche.  Probably.  But that doesn’t make it untrue. You’re really the best dad a girl could ask for.  I honestly had no idea until I [...]

28 Things My Mother Taught Me

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Until I became a mom, I realized there is little to nothing that we can do to show our mothers an appropriate amount of gratitude for everything they’ve done for us.  I don’t mean that to be sappy, because there is literally nothing we can do. We are helpless in the [...]

The Robert Duvall Project, Vol. II

Since I last posted, I’ve watched two (ONLY TWO) RD movies.  They were good though, so I’m excited to tell you about them. The Great Santini: I’ve always thought it was interesting when people give themselves nicknames.  My husband’s cousin refer to their grandfather as “Caesar,” which I can’t think one bestows on themselves lightly. [...]

The Robert Duvall Project, Vol. I

I thought I should update you all on my little project.  Maybe you recall that I’m working my way through all of Robert Duvall’s movies.  It’s going pretty well, and I figured I should document my progress in some way.  So here goes: Apocalypse Now: I’m actually STILL watching this movie.  It’s incredibly hard to [...]

Awkward Stories from My Childhood, Pt. II

Growing up, I never really had to make friends.  I know that sounds weird.  What I mean is that from about 3rd grade on, I went to school with, give or take a few, the exact same group of people.  Prior to that, I was friends with whoever my parents let me hang out with, [...]